Visitor trails

Virtual Tours

- The Izzy Marmande Guide
Loan of the Izzy Guide for the discovery of Marmande at the Tourist Office of Val de Garonne. tel: +33 5 53 64 44 44.

The sound Itinerary

Natural sounds from la Filhole Park and radiophonic poetry in the historical center: listen to Marmande like you have never seen it before!

Centre ville path : Eddie Ladoire has recorded and created sounding pictures of Marmande historical centre, featuring author Marina Bellefaye original work.

La Filhole path : Mixing Musique Concrète and electronic music, Eddie Ladoire reveals the sounding identity of La Filhole Park; an artistical and immersive experience of Nature through an original music composition.
the Industrial Paths: creation of a radio fiction composed of original texts written by the author Sophie Poirier, recorded sounds and sounds made to evoke this twentieth century. the first route is dedicated to the industrial and commercial memory of Marmande. The second route develops the soundscape of today’s industrial life in the region of Marne.

Download the free application “Listeners” from the Stores
Launch the app and follow the beacons of the paths on your phone screen.

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The City Tour

Visit around the Marmandais heritage
Discover the Marmandais heritage in 10 stages.
Digital version available free of charge on the IziTravel application or in paper version to be collected at the Val de Garonne Tourist Office.
Telephone: +33 5 53 93 47 24, +33 5 53 64 44 44

Meilhan sur Garonne discovery trail

A 4.5 km loop in the village is punctuated by ten stages highlighting natural or built sites, the heritage interest of which is detailed on an explanatory panel. Each panel contains:
- historical indications (texts)
- elements for reading the landscape (text, photos or sketches)
A game booklet, complementary to the circuit boards, allows you to explore the topics covered in greater depth with fun content.
This support and animation support for the circuit is distributed at the town hall, at the media library and / or downloadable from the town hall’s website.
www.meilhansurgaronne / to-visit / circuitpatrimoine.fr
The visit is free