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Country Tales

Christian Chevanne, Isabelle Charrieu, Jean Marie Richon and Noël Payovitch are the four Country Tales of the Val de Garonne. Each in their own way they make visitors discover hundreds of landscapes, not with the same look, but with a hundred different looks. It is in this second approach that they are located to better welcome them and cause a real encounter with our country.

Witnesses, smugglers of memory, they propose an unusual reading of the territory. They say in simple words essential things and they echo the country. The storytellers of countries have in common a know-how and know-how. In their company, you are sure to have keys to understand a culture of the place and our territory.
In Caumont, Christian Chevanne brings to life the turbulent history of this village, which has had some famous people. It takes you on the ground to discover the ancient places and the Heritage House where is a beautifully restored bread oven. There, he speaks to you, with the pleasure of sharing, of the flourishing period of navigation on the Garonne and the Canal.
Caumont Association and its History
47430 Caumont sur Garonne
tel: +33 5 53 93 78 45

At the Mas d’Agenais, Isabelle Charrieu Isabelle you will discover the village of Mas-d’Agenais and his famous painting of Rembrandt, Christ on the Cross.
47400 Lagruère
tel: +33 6 87 48 69 84

In Lagruère Jean Marie Richon will take you to the discovery of nature. It will make you discover the park of return to the sources in lagruère. It will guide you to discover the fauna and flora.
As a star shower, he will be offering vigils under the starry sky everywhere. He will show the constellations and the planets.
Atypical speaker, he will evoke the life of water people through exhibitions on the canal and the Garonne.
Tél : +33 6 78 92 83 67

Between Tonneins and Le Mas d’Agenais, embark with Noël Payovitch, the boat pilot of the AMI association. Passionated about the river Garonne, he will tell you the story of Tonneins during the Industrial Revolution : gabarre and steam boats , ropes and tobacco factories… On the way to le Mas, he will show you the Garonne fauna, the canal and the Dreams harbour.
Duration 1h
Tel : +33 0 08 67 63 92

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Virtual Tours

- The Izzy Marmande Guide
Loan of the Izzy Guide for the discovery of Marmande at the Tourist Office of Val de Garonne. tel: +33 5 53 64 44 44. .

The sound Itinerary

Natural sounds from la Filhole Park and radiophonic poetry in the historical center: listen to Marmande like you have never seen it before!

Centre ville path : Eddie Ladoire has recorded and created sounding pictures of Marmande historical centre, featuring author Marina Bellefaye original work.

La Filhole path : Mixing Musique Concrète and electronic music, Eddie Ladoire reveals the sounding identity of La Filhole Park; an artistical and immersive experience of Nature through an original music composition.

Download the free application “Listeners” from the Stores or on listeners.fr.
Launch the app and follow the beacons of the paths on your phone screen.

Guided tours

- Landscapes,
- Guided tour of Mas d’Agenais.
- Guided tour of Clairac

Visits assured in season,
For more information: +33 5 53 64 44 44

The adventurers of the Apple of Love

The objective is to go in search of the love apple through the discovery of the built and natural heritage of the City of Marmande, even in the Tourist Office of Val de Garonne!
This “treasure hunt”, more specifically designed for families, allows you to discover Marmande and the Val de Garonne in a fun way!
7 puzzles corresponding to 7 stages (course of about 2 hours)
are to be solved.
A travel diary is then given to the adventurers allowing them to orient themselves in the city.