Photo spots in Val de Garonne

Christelle’s 5 tips for successful photos:

1. Opt for shots in the morning or at the end of the day during “golden hours”! Those moments that follow or precede sunrises and sunsets. The light, the colors, the contrasts are generally TOP!
2. The sun in the back and more precisely of ¾, so your subject will be provided with a shadow which will give it relief and personality.
3. The rule of thirds is undoubtedly the simplest and most effective solution to enhance the content of your photos. Display the grid of thirds from the options of your smartphone.
4. Observe the geometry, a horizon line is also straight for a watercourse! Instagram makes it easy to rectify it.
5. Take the time, enjoy your walks ... anyway these photos will be the best way to capture your memories and share them with the hashtag #VGxperience.

Here is the list of spots