Fous de Garonne

In Couthures sur Garonne, a village nestled in a meander of the Garonne, the Couthurans adapt and innovate in the face of floods.

Through the Fous de Garonne visit,
- Learn more about this river, its floods and the ability of locals to adapt to these events.
- Follow the rescuers, sentinel of Garonne through a film in 360 ° (novelty 2019).
- On the banks of the Garonne, take the time to share a sweetness, a plate of the soil.
- Let your toddlers go on the attack of the Garonne pirates!
- Share a moment with the rescuers during a boat trip.

Outdoors :

- Terrace overlooking the river to share a lunch or a sweetness.
- Unusual catering, “lounge” areas, giant games for children.
- Boat trips on the Garonne in July and August, every day except Saturday. Possibility of twin ticket.
- Hike and walk around Couthures.

Fous de Garonne

Rue Lacave 4780 Couthures sur Garonne

Phone 05 53 76 35 48



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