Towns and villages of character

In Aquitaine, in the department of Lot et Garonne, located less than an hour’s drive from Bordeaux and Agen, the Garonne Valley, is an area with many advantages ! The richness and diversity of its heritage to its gentle way of life, its climate and its gastronomy... The Val de Garonne conceals activities of any kind ! Between the Garonne and Canal, various water activities are possible, walks on the greenway wilderness... Cultural visits, but also amazing and exciting encounters with our local producers and artisans.

The half-timbered houses of Clairac, the elegant cloisters of Marmande, the façade along the river in Tonneins, the covered market in Mas d’Agenais… Every town in the Val de Garonne has its jewels. And every village is worth exploring. Couthures sur Garonne and its physical link to the Garonne. Meilhan sur garonne with its panoramic hilltop view. And a whole string of villages abounding in fountains, wells, wash houses, mills and traditional farms.
The territory Garonne Valley includes 43 municipalities and approximately 60 000 inhabitants.
Here are the constituent municipalities :

Agmé / Beaupuy / Birac sur Trec/ Caubon St Sauveur / Caumont sur Garonne/ Calonges / Castelnau sur Gupie /Clairac/ Cocumont/Couthures sur Garonne/ Escassefort / Fauguerolles / Fauillet / Fourques sur Garonne / Gaujac / Gontaud de Nogaret / Grateloup St Gayrand / Jusix / Laffite sur Lot / Lagruère / Lagupie / Longueville / Le Mas d’Agenais / Marcellus / Marmande/ mauvezin sur Gupie / Meilhan sur Garonne/ Montpouillan / Puymiclan / St Avit / St Barthélemy d’Agenais / Saint Martin Petit / Saint Pardoux du Breuil / Saint Sauveur de Meilhan / Sainte Bazeille / Samazan / Sénestis / Seyches / Taillebourg /Tonneins / Varès / Villeton / Virazeil

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