Meeting with Loïc Saint Marc

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Can you introduce yourself ?
Loïc Saint Marc, 39, born in Marmande. I am a beekeeper , PACS my girlfriend who also works at the farm. Installed since 2004, we took over the family farm. Our ranges of products are honey and its derivatives : Mead , brandy , pollen and royal jelly , candles 100% pure beeswax. But the most sought after product is simply honey . We sell the property as well as the Christmas markets in the region, stores and delis in Marmande , Consignment of the Arcachon basin... and the Tourist Office Val de Garonne ! We live this activity principalement.
Why Val de Garonne ?
Firstly and mainly because it is a disaster recovery but also because the climate and flora are conducive to the production of honey. In high season we have 650 beehives, can produce 15 to 20 tons of honey per year . We offer a dozen different varieties : Heather , acacia, all flowers , chestnut , forest, sunflower, fruit , spring honey...
A place to recommend to your clients or friends ?
According to the customers, I sometimes recommend the restaurant « Le Breton » in Escassefort or « At delight » but also to Beaupuy Beaupuy cellar , the castle of Duras or the Cauldron Magique.
A beautiful meeting ?
I often... professionally speaking it would be the president of our union « The Gascon bee beekeeping » he brought us another approach to the business beekeeper .
Your most memorable vacation ?
My best memory is located Monaco.
If the Garonne Valley was a season ?
Summer for the automatic line chaleur.
If the valley of the Garonne was a culinary dish ?
Garbure ! I ’m a fan of soups ! Honey remains confidential kitchen but a hint of honey in a pumpkin soup would be perfect !
If there was a picture of the Territory to take ?
A mill and down against a lake. It would reflect well our campaign. Have a photo on your website that represents what I parle.
If the Garonne Valley was a color ?
Blue for waterways, lakes, sky blue often synonymous with oxygen ! Blue symbolizes for me « Sweet Life » which characterizes the Val de Garonne.Retour automatic line
If the valley of the Garonne was a tree ?
Oak as it slowly and surely live ! Oak takes 2 millimeters per year , it takes time to be high ! But there is strong storms !
If the Garonne Valley was a party ?
Tomato to the Belle Epoque formerly Tomato Fiesta ! Because we are in Pays de la tomate.
If the Garonne Valley was a utopia ?
Compared to my industry... agriculture without chemical... but I understand the problems of our farmers I know it is not so easy ! I do not throw the first stone and I support !