Meeting with Neusa Dias

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Can you introduce yourself ?
My name is Neusa Dias, I arrived in the Lot et Garonne in 2017, so quite recently.
I have been a ceramist for 12 years. My work has many facets.
First, a share of creation and artisanal production of unique pieces and small series.
And on the other hand, a work of exchange and transmission, with initiation courses in filming and modeling courses for all those wishing to discover this universe.

Why did you choose Val de Garonne ?
Frankly, really no coincidence. I come from South Gironde and I was looking for a town house with the possibility of setting up my workshop there. And after some research someone told me about Tonneins and I crossed the Garonne. Tonneins is a city on a human scale and pleasant to live in.

If there was a place to recommend in Val de Garonne ?
For the moment, I haven’t had time to visit everything yet, but I would choose the greenway along the canal. It is a very calm and soothing place where I walk regularly with my dog.

Your best meeting in Val de Garonne ?
My meeting with the people here, who were all welcoming and kind when I arrived.

If the Val de Garonne was a season ?
Spring with the return of colors, the green of the trees and the blue, yellow, pink of the small flowers.

If the Val de Garonne was a Main Course ?
Strawberries, strawberries and strawberries

If the Val de Garonne was a tree ?
Poplar, for poplar fields planted all along the Garonne.

If the Val de Garonne was a color ?
The green.

If the Val de Garonne was an animal ?
Ducks, egrets, cranes, all the birds that can be seen on the banks of the Garonne.

And if there was a photo to take of Val de Garonne, which one ?
A photo of the Garonne flowing throughout the department.

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