Meet Fréderic Broutet

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Hello Mr. Broutet, can you introduce yourself ?
I’m winemaker AOC Côtes du Marmandais on a property of 10 hectares and a half on the slopes at the gates of Marmande, the field Beyssac.

Why did you choose the Garonne Valley ?
The farm is a family owned, I’d spend my holidays small... I always wanted to make wine on the slope of hills Beyssac ! I waited until age 50 to realize this dream... I’m so there since 2009 when I produced the first vintage.

What place do you like to recommend to your friends or your customers ?
To have fun in the summer when it’s nice and hot, canoeing on the canal and [to Rembrandt College St Vincent in Mas d’Agenais.

What was your best match ? My meeting with Bernard Lorenzon, neighbor with whom I work full of confidence and friendship winemaker.

What is your most memorable vacation ?
The summer up there on the slopes with my grandparents holidays, we played in haystacks, we ran after chickens and ducks... Many other travel halfway around the world have followed the course immediately, but there is this flavor of children vacation takes over !

And if the Garonne Valley was a season ?
Spring with fruit trees in bloom, nature explodes and gives its flavor to Val de Garonne.

And if the Garonne Valley was a flat, a specialty ?
The duck confit cooked like my grandparents, one of the best dishes from around the world that I have met... this is the best.

And if the Garonne Valley was a Country
The Cockaigne there is everything, everything is good, everything is wonderful !

And if there was a photo opportunity, it would be...?
All around me, one fish in spring, flowery, pink is beautiful !