Meet Henri Lescouzere

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Hello Mr. Lescouzères, can you introduce yourself ?
I’m tanner craftsman for over 30 years. I live only for this activity.
My job ? Tanning way. I sell all the skins of goats, sheep, calves. Manufactures slippers, vests, blankets, carpets, anything on demand. I love my job it is a passion. I’m the only tanner Garonne Valley and far beyond ... This activity works well :-)

Why did you choose the Garonne Valley ?
This is my country. But it is not for me a commercial fee because I have my clients throughout France and a diverse clientele. I am very attached to my country... I also became tanner, among other things, to stay at Country. I am self-taught. I explain in a few craft shows.

What is your most memorable vacation ?
A Casteljaloux, I was born, where I lived.

And if the Garonne Valley was a season ?
Fall for the colors... the quietest time of the year.

And if the Garonne Valley was a flat, a specialty ?
The duck...

And if the Garonne Valley was a Country
the France

And if there was a photo opportunity, it would be... ?