Meet with Anne Marie Twarog et Daniel Bouin

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Hello can you introduce yourself ?
My name is Anne Marie, I am a native North Pas de Calais and I worked 20 years in baking chocolate, then Agen in snacks. I met a Lot and Garonne man, my friend, we took the case to mount a pancake. For 3 seasons now, we are specialized in the cake and salads with local produce.
My name is Daniel, I’m from Agen. I converted in the restoration after several years in the automotive industry.

Why did you choose the Val de Garonne ?
Tonneins ? A fluke 1500-1800 km traveled without finding anything... Always something wrong. At Agen we had no balcony and got here... the terrace, the site has won us over. In one week it was decided !

Where do you like to recommend your friends or your guests to visit ?
Monflanquin for his country house and its medieval side.

What was your best match ?
In a multitude of customers. In a short time these relationships have become friendly relations. Supplier side, also very good meetings.

And if the Val de Garonne was a season ?
The beautiful 1st day and the back end that are more advantages with a less hurried customer !

And if the Val de Garonne was a flat, a specialty ?
Duck and its derivatives. For us it’s pancake Sir or pancake Coin Coin

And if the Val de Garonne was a Country ?
La Toscanne

And if there was a photo opportunity, it would be...?
Docks Garonne Tonneins from the terrace of the Crêpentine.