Meet with Laurence Box Berger

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Hello, can you introduce yourself ?
Laurence Boxberger worthy daughter of my Father Henri Boxberger, representing the Tomato Marmande but as that is not stuffed in Marmande Tomato... I decided to get into the production of spiruline Montpouillan. I have a sommelier training, so nothing to do with my current activity. I have traveled before in 20 years... and now I ’m getting closer to my roots.
Why did you choose the Garonne Valley ?
Because I grew up here Montpouillan and I wanted to take over the family farm. What I was asked to take a big turn because I left my place of life to return to Montpouillan.

What place do you like to recommend to your friends or your customers ?
I often recommend the edge of the Garonne and the Canal Garonne Valley. Otherwise, beyond rather to Cahors because I love the contours of that department.

What was your best match ? Father :-) With all his experience professional relationships... His diverse knowledge has not made ​​me a lot of advice to set me as a young farmer.

What is your most memorable vacation ?
I have traveled extensively , mainly in Asia but my favorite destination is northern Vietnam to the Chinese border.

And if the Garonne Valley was a season ?
The autumn colors.

And if the Garonne Valley was a flat , a specialty ?
The tapenade spiruline !

And if the Garonne Valley was a Country
Not the Garonne Valley is unique ! No comparison !

And if there was a photo opportunity , it would be ... ?
A picture from the sky of my property so with the firm but also greenhouses and dryer.