Meeting with Anne Sophie Cazemajou

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Can you introduce yourself ?
Anne Sophie Cazemajou, producer of goat cheese and goat breeder for the third year. Previously I was a secretary and even aide. Because in fact , I studied caregiver but also of law.
How and why this choice ?
Simply because I wanted a goat and my husband said « we will not buy a goat for a goat ! »
For our wedding, he asked me what I wanted... he bought me 6 full goats !
In telling me that he had found an idea ! « With your goats you’ll make cheese ! » And this is what is left like that idea ! simply :-)
I produce fresh goat cheese called the « lactic » cheese.
But also the volume of goat cheese harder. I also manufactures yogurt from goat’s milk. I also diversifying some of my cheese mixed with cow’s milk .
I sell exclusively on the market and my business is managed GAEC together producers, which allows me to be also present in 2 shops. A Mont de Marsan and the other near Libourne.

Why Val de Garonne ?
The charm of the village of Mas d’ Agenais. I found a very nice place ! We had a heart for home. My husband knew the Lot et Garonne to be done his schooling. We also visited Marmande. City Human reasonable size, but Le Mas d’ Agenais had our preference !

A place to recommend ?
The Canal de Garonne.

The best match ?
I want to tell you about two more meetings ! 1 Coulx a lady helped me build my business and another in the art also drove me to not give up...

The most memorable vacation ?
A journey into Spain Express with a mattress in the back :-)

If the Garonne Valley was a season ?
Spring where everything is green or nature is reborn , everything starts to bloom.

If the Garonne Valley was a color ?

If the Garonne Valley was a tree ?
A fruit tree.

If the Garonne Valley was a festival ?
The music festival.

If the Garonne Valley was a fruit ?

If we had a photo of Val de Garonne ?
Photo Channel.