Meeting with Bernadette Serbat

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Hello, can you introduce yourself ?
Artist painter since my birth certainly ... :-) I was born in Port Sainte Marie.
I was a passionate teacher ... I loved the job I was practicing in college and high school.
I was also an illustrator at the UPSA laboratories in Agen during a decade, illustrator of books ...
I have participated in numerous exhibitions both national and international, personal and collective.
Why did you choose the Val de Garonne ?
Because it is a place of advice, research and cultural events.
What was your best meeting in Val de Garonne ?
A musician composer of Jazz native of Marmande and professor at the conservatory of Nice. He plans to return to Marmande for his retirement ... A very rich, exceptional encounter.
And what if the Val de Garonne was a season ?
Spring because it is a birth of events.
And what if the Val de Garonne was a dish, a gastronomic specialty ?
Foie gras.
What if the Val de Garonne was a Country ?
France because it is a condensed of all its richness (landscape, gastronomy, architecture)
And if the Val de Garonne was an animal ?
A stag, powerful and majestic
And if the Val de Garonne was a color ?
Orange because it is the force of light and joy.
What if the Val de Garonne was a song ?
« Loving to lose the reason » by Jean Ferrat
What if the Val de Garonne was a tree ?
An oak for its sturdiness.
And if there was a photo to do, it would be ...?
A sunset over the Garonne
What is your best holiday memory ?
Family stays in nature ... that’s what counted in my adolescent life.
During my professional journeys, I met many people and in particular I discovered the life of fishermen in Kerkena (Tunisian Archipelago). It is also a beautiful memory.