Meeting with Campsite Au Jardin team

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Can you introduce yourself ?
Hugues : Hugues Savoye, after a professional career outside the region, I came to settle in Val de Garonne and I created « The Canoes Garonne » that I passed on to my daughter this year . With Benoît we took over the management of the nautical stopping place and the Meilhan campsite in order to make it a leisure base.
Agathe : I am Agathe Savoye, I am 26 years old I lived a few years abroad. I came back to the area and I am very happy to resume my father’s activity. To achieve this I passed my Pro Certificate and became a sports educator.
Axelle : Axelle Gilo, 27 years old I spent a BTS hotel catering option cooking in Paris alternately I am a great passion for cooking and I am lucky to be able to live today. I chose the Val de Garonne thanks to Agate that I met during winter seasons in Savoie. She invited me to come on holiday in Val de Garonne and I loved the calm, the green side of the countryside very nice !
Benoît : I am Benoît Mensac, a native of Lot et Garonne, I have always lived here, I am 37 years old. I am a former aeronautical engineer reconverted in outdoor sports for about ten years. And since this year I took over with Hugues the management of the campsite Meilhan sur Garonne.

Your most beautiful meeting in Val de Garonne ?

Hugues : Many beautiful encounters so difficult to name one ! Because the good reception is characteristic of Val de Garonne.
Agathe : All my clients all summer !
Axelle : My English clientele. Very friendly and in addition it makes me practice the English language.
Benoît : I have all my friends here all my pro network ... it’s impossible to name one person !

Which location would you recommend in Val de Garonne ?
Hugues : Couthures on Garonne because linked to the Garonne and the Val de Garonne is linked to the Garonne. It is a typical remarkable village where you meet beautiful people. But also since we are in Meilhan I of course recommend the view from the village hill !
Agathe : The Garonne, with its pebble beaches, its fauna and flora is what I love most !
Axelle : Meilhan on the Garonne and its nautical halt of course.
Benoît : The historic center of Marmande.

If you had to associate the Val de Garonne with a season ?
Hugues : For me it’s necessarily summer because I think it’s at this moment that the activity is done and that we see all the dynamism and movement of existing tourist activities.
Agathe : Summer with sun and canoe of course.
Axelle : Fall for the pretty color of the trees.
Benoît : Autumn because it is the harvest period when the whole nature changes color with red and red tones ...

What would be the gastronomic specialty to associate with the Val de Garonne ?
Hugues : The tasting of local wines that are interesting, quality, atypical, accessible and good. The destination develops an interesting viticulture.
Agathe : The duck !!
Axelle : Strawberries, I have rarely eaten such good
Benoît : The ham of Tonneins.

What would be the country to associate with the Val de Garonne ?
Hugues : The North of Italy for the plain of Po. I find that there is a similarity between the plain of Po and that of the Garonne.
Agatha : Ireland or Scotland a green country especially with the spring we had this year.
Axelle : There is no other country
Benoît : No, and I have traveled well ... Val de Garonne is unique.

What would be the tree to associate with the Val de Garonne ?
Hugues : The black poplar, the real poplar of Garonne those that are found in Couthures for example. It is with its trees with big black trunks that 80% of the structures of our old farms were made. A tree almost endangered.
Agathe : The plane tree
Axelle : The acacia
Benoît : The plane tree

What would be the color to associate with the Val de Garonne ?
Hugues : Green and blue. Green for the earth and blue for the sky and water.
Agathe : The green
Axelle : The green of water
Benoît : The blue for the blue sky.

What would be the party to associate with the Val de Garonne ?
Hugues : Garorock because 22 years of existence and anchored in the heart of the Val de Garonne. But at the same time all the small local festivals like the strawberry festival in Sainte Bazeille or that of Marmande putting the tomato in the spotlight are also important.
Agathe : The night markets.
Benoît : Garorock

What would be an animal to associate with the Val de Garonne ?
Hugues : In mammals, the fox (I like the fox !) And in fish, the sturgeon which unfortunately has disappeared but which, I hope, will come back because it is historical in Val de Garonne.
Agathe : The nutria
Axelle : The crayfish
Benoît : The boar

What would be the picture to make of the Val de Garonne ?
Hugues : A photo of Wild Garonne, nature, unique.
Agathe : Photos on the water (Garonne or Canal) with reflections on the water. The plane trees for example which are drawn perfectly in the water it is very beautiful !
Axelle : From the bridge overlooking the pretty village of Couthures sur Garonne.
Benoît : The Tertre in Meilhan sur Garonne with the view of the canal, the Garonne and the various agricultural productions.

If Val de Garonne was a utopia ?
Hugues : I’m too realistic and I do not believe in utopias but I would like us to manage to preserve the savoir-vivre, personality and well-being that we have here. That we do not lose our soul over time. I have already noticed that some newcomers have a hard time accepting the sometimes invasive Gascon character and as a result have a certain coldness and we are losing the quality of welcome and sharing.
Agathe : The Val de Garonne without a car and a canal without plastic waste ... let it be cleaner !
Axelle : That all restaurateurs work with local growers.
Benoît : That one is one of the vegetable gardens of France while doing that good ... that 100% is BIO that one stops to leach the Earth and to produce harmful food ... That one takes more care of our Earth.

What is your best memory ?
Hugues : The steps in the desert with the discovery of other landscapes and surroundings ! It was the opposite of the life I lived here.
Agathe : Brazil when I went surfing all day until sunset.
Axelle : This winter in Colombia on a desert island ! It was paradise !
Benoît : An awakening in the mountains of Lesotho after 4 days on horseback

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