Meeting with Caroline et Jean-Yves

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Can you introduce yourself ?
Caroline CUBELES and Jean-Yves SAGUER, we are both from the eastern Pyrenees. Coming from a very touristic region, and coming from one of a family of nurseries and the other from a family of builders, we have, since our meeting, used our individual experiences
(Renovation, hotels, catering, annual and seasonal rentals) to realize real estate projects. Our latest and most ambitious project was the purchase of Château Marith in Clairac to bring this wonderful estate to life.
Why did you choose Val de Garonne ?
We did not choose the Val de Garonne, it’s HIM who chose us. He drew us to him by revealing his most beautiful secrets. The journey began with the discovery of the Marith Castle, remarkable monument of 1850 surrounded by its annexes and its park of nearly 5 hectares with infinite possibilities. The aura of this castle and more widely Val de Garonne has transported us. The historical and cultural footprint of Clairac where the castle was built, as well as the kindness and support of the local population convinced us and decided to bring our family in this exceptional environment.
A place to recommend in Val de Garonne ?
It may seem odd to you, but the love we have for Château Marith, and the time we put into it to make this wonderful site the majesty that has so much to offer locals and tourists alike. passage, leaves us little time for bucolic walks. Also, we will answer you with a lot of modesty and a touch of humor : Clairac and our Château Marith.
A beautiful meeting made in Val de Garonne ?
We had the chance to meet a descendant of the family who built the Château Marith. This meeting moved us a lot, and we enjoyed re-opening the doors of the Château where part of his childhood was held between family reunions and other summer holidays.
Your most beautiful holiday memory ?
We had the chance to go with our daughter a few years ago in the United States, and this destination seduced us. Little history in this country, except the one they created, which implies a crazy energy and a desire to build and make live their dreams. We love this philosophy !
If the Val de Garonne was a season ?
Autumn, with nature changing color and mild climate. The real Indian summer !
If the Val de Garonne was a gourmet dish ?
The duck breast with 2 apples served at the restaurant of the Castle.
If the Val de Garonne was a country ?
France of course ! With its history, its castles, its rivers, its territories marked by peasant cultures, the art of living « à la française » ...
If Val de Garonne was a utopia ?
Holidays and idleness in Val de Garonne on medical prescription !!!
If the Val de Garonne was a tree ?
A Lebanon cedar, majestic and impressive. We find many in Lot et Garonne and some at home for the happiness of visitors.
If the Val de Garonne was a color ?
The green, with the multiple nuances offered by the varied cultures and a preserved nature.
If the Val de Garonne was an animal ?
The Val de Garonne is the meeting with nature. In Marith Castle Park alone, I would say :
- For the sky : the owl, the owl or the eagle.
- For the terrestrial : The squirrel or the deer.
- For the sailor : the catfish, caught in the Lot by the river fishing champion who came especially from Germany this summer for the treasures of which our river abounds.
If Val de Garonne was a party ?
Christmas for the culinary treasures offered by our producers : foie gras, kiwis, duck, plum jam, strawberry, cepes...
If there was a picture to do in Val de Garonne ?
The photo of a bridge spanning the Lot or the Garonne with the mirror of the water which reveals the wonders of its surroundings...

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