Meeting with Chantal Raguet

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Can you introduce yourself ?
Visual artist and teacher at the Fine Arts.

Why did you choose the Val de Garonne to exhibit your work ?
The very idea of ​​the work revolves local historical as his bill promotes territorial-how knowledge and craft that growing tomatoes from Marmande and Heart Beef, clay streams, pearlescent agents Garonne resources nineteenth button factories, the trays used to prune plums for drying, braiding strands of acacia and willow ...
Finally the landscaped areas are particularly beautiful and have long been for their qualities wintering grounds ideal for famous French circuses.
I am delighted that a European Leader Project, the ARTERY artistic career in the Garonne Valley allows promote human encounters and highlight landscape and architectural jewels in the eyes of everyone.

What place in Val de Garonne would you recommend ?
Currently, remarkable garden of the cloister of the Church of Our Lady of Marmande adjoining the Boulevard Richard Heart of Lion and close to the Jardin du Carrousel...
For its lace boxwood and yews, its charms with toothed leaves and calmness and coolness of this place, beautifully kept garden with small hands caring gardeners and managers of Space City Greens.

Cite me a nice meeting on our territory ?
I can only mention one ! Family, friends, craftsmen, farmers, warm inhabitants and actors of the life of the communes...

If the Val de Garonne was a color ?
The green

If the Val de Garonne was a season ?
Summer and Autumn

If the Val de Garonne was a tree ?
A hazel or an old walnut

If the Val de Garonne was a fruit ?
A tomato

If the Val de Garonne was a party ?
The festival of the traditional tomato, the feast of the soil, the markets of the producers !

If the Val de Garonne was a gourmet dish ?
(Beef Beaulieu ; carpaccio Tomato Beef Heart with ripe melons, crayfish with garlic in sturgeon caviar and prune plum brandy)

If the Val de Garonne was a utopia, which ?
Maintaining already rich natural and human resources ...

If there was only one picture to make of the Val de Garonne destination, which one would it be ?
By aerial view, the tightest Garonne turn, the one in the form of a tortoise’s head.

What is your best holiday memory ?
A stroll through the woods, ending on the banks of the Garonne.

11 works, 11 artists, 11 municipalities.
The artistic path traverses the territory of the Val-de-Garonne-Guyenne-Gascogne region. All the works are installed in the town centers, outside and in free access. Many are of imposing size, all promise to be amazing. These works reflect the artist’s view of our heritage. The works created are the result of the feelings of the artists following the meetings organized on the place of creation.

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