Meeting with Eric Séva

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Can you introduce yourself ?
I am a musician, composer and improviser born in Paris. We lived in Paris with my wife before settling in the Lot-et-Garonne nine years ago to reach a different quality of life. For us it is a major asset of the department. We live in the Val de Garonne, our children were born there. The majority of my work takes place in Paris. Here I develop some art projects related to my field of activité.
We have created an association called the Z’arts Garonne, it organizes, for 6 years, the Jazz Festival and Garonne in partnership with the city of Marmande and the County Council of the Lot-et-Garonne around a beautiful dynamic team of volunteers present all année.
I travel in France and in the world to do concerts. I was asked to participate in projects. In January I was three weeks in Venezuela as part of a cultural exchange with the French alliance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to teach and play with four big band and classical orchestra Simon juvenile Bolivar.Retour online automatic
This summer I had the pleasure to share with my quartet twelve festivals jazz.
At the moment I am writing music for my next album which will be in residence at the Rocher de Palmer in January 2017 before being registered. The release date is scheduled for April / May 2017. A new group, a project around the Blues in partnership with Le Rocher de Palmer, The OARA (Artistic Office of the Aquitaine Region), the County Council of the Lot-et Garonne, the Georges-Leygues Theatre in Villeneuve-sur-Lot, the National scene Bayonne stage agreement with the Odyssey of Perigueux. Back
An exciting activity, and provided rich ...

Can you show us a preview of the highlights of the festival ?
This festival is an appointment autumn held each year in October.
This year it will begin on October 7 and 14 to 16 in Marmande (at Comœdia) on October 16 at the Church of Fourques on Garonne.
October 7, it will be a pedagogical concert « Troutrouka » with Mercedes Garcia and Paul Pace. This festival is also taking action to young visitors (7-17 years). Sessions for school are planned.
A taste jazz will be held on October 8 at the library for children from 1 to 6 ans.
Saturday, October 8, a stroll in the city center will be held from 10:30 to 2:30 p.m. with Manguidem Taf Taf wind !
An exhibition « Vinyl Jazz » Philippe Meziat will discover from 8 to 16 October in the library.
We enter the heart of the programming from October 14 with an Duo
Mieko Miyazaki and Frank Wolf / Koto & Saxophone. The Koto is an instrument japonais.
For my part I will present the « Sound Unplugged » project with which I turn now that the drive output in October was elected disk shock of 2015 by Jazz magazine.
On Saturday 15, together with Gerardo JEREZ LE CAM quartet Argentinean and European musicians, They reinvent and explore the Romanian traditional music, Moldovan and argentines.
Then will follow a fairly binary and funk music with Nicolas HORNY FOLMER TONKY.
The festival also aims to move on the territory and, Sunday, October 16 will be held a concert at the Church of Fourques sur Garonne. The duo Las Hermanas Caronni produce it, they are twin sisters who come from Argentina.

Why the Val de Garonne ?
For the quality of life it provides, the quality of relationships that allows, for what it represents. But also for its location close to the mountains and the ocean.
It is a local area and it is important for us, we are a very pleasant life. I have something to compare, I am often traveling in France, Europe and the rest of the world, my land of rest and recovery is here.

Do you have a place in the Garonne Valley to recommend ?
difficult question because there is a choice to make ... and it is not a time you can visit the Val de Garonne. I will say the canal and the Garonne, they are places of relaxation and heritage.

What would be your best match ?
Here is the quality of life and live in contact with nature, it’s very peaceful and unique.
Being in tune with the rhythm of life suits me completely. It allows to counterbalance an activity that requires so much energy and travel. Back here is to find a safe haven.

Can you match the Garonne Valley in a season ?
The peculiarity of the Lot et Garonne is its brightness ! Spring or fall, two seasons that I particularly like in terms of energy. The autumn channel is magical and amazing !

Can you associate the Garonne Valley in a gourmet dish ?
The duck breast a la plancha, love !

Can you match the Garonne Valley in a Country ?
The France simply ! The soil here is incredibly rich.

Can you match the Garonne Valley in a tree ?
Two yes hazel and lime to take a nap below ...

Can you match the Garonne Valley in a color ?
The orange color (very light) to light that this region, for its warmth and also its dynamism.

If the Garonne Valley was a party ?
It’s difficult because all the proposed events each have their charm and particularity ... In a teamwork and generosity of all the associations by conducting actions to promote the territory.

If the Garonne Valley was an animal ?
Duck ! It’s fun, it’s funny and friendly ... it’s everywhere it is part of the decor.

If there was a picture to the Val de Garonne ?
The Garonne, it is majestic, it is a major and timeless natural element.