Meeting with Fabien Tarascon

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Can you introduce yourself ?

I am 39 and I am a farmer, producer of wines under the brand « Château Bois Beaulieu » in Côte Marmandais on a small vineyard of 9 ha in AB.
I am part of the Garonne Farms network since its inception in 2007. This network has developed, among others, a direct sales chartered property.

Why the Garonne Valley ?
For attachment to the small family production. Although I have left the territory for 15 years ... Like what, the Val de Garonne can leave but they come back !
I thought I could change this structure, the value that was my challenge, my motivation to return to action.

Where would you recommend in the Garonne Valley ?
Beach Couthures sur Garonne

It would there be a nice meeting you would have done in the Garonne Valley ?
Yes I Do ! Aliens encountered on the territory. They had faith in the destination. Scots who helped open my eyes to the potential of my field. Like what, you sometimes external developers !

Which season do you associate the territory ?
Spring because it seems that everything explodes. Autumn and winter all at very calm, it borders on monotony.

A country he reminds you the Garonne Valley ?
The Tuscany, Italy.

What would be our destination gourmet dish ?
A dish of fresh vegetables ! It’s simple but so good.

Which color you would associate the Garonne Valley ?
Blue for rivers running through it.

If there was a tree representing the territory, which would it be ?

What party would be associated with the Val de Garonne ?
The Fire of St John ! It gives me a souvenir kid ... At the time it was spontaneity, sharing. No budget or hoopla. People knew gather around a simple animation without big budget.

If there was a picture to ? Which one ?
A sunrise on the Garonne.

The most beautiful vacation memory to tell me ?
Lozère for its calm and its view.