Meeting with Laura Perin and Brigitte Macia

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Can you introduce yourself ?

Laura and Brigitte : We are associated mother and daughter. We returned to Val de Garonne 7 years ago after living in Corsica.
The project of a « coffee shop » goes back several years but we waited to find the good local, to have the idea of ​​an innovative concept. The Art Coffee break is also a place where you can discover temporary exhibitions of local artists .

Laura : I studied social, I have a degree in education but I have always worked in commerce. I was responsible for several shops.
I was also a home sales assistant but it was far too complicated ... However, from this experience in VDI came the idea of ​​organizing « fashion and beauty » days with a gathering of artists, beauty providers and fashion.
Art coffee break is among others, resulting from these experiences and meetings.

Brigitte : For my part I knew various manual trades, I was also a tradesman in fruits and vegetables, I come from a family of farmers. I also worked in the emergency department in Porto Vecchio as a medical secretary ...
All the meetings that I have been able to do during my various professional experiences and my many humanitarian journeys, allowed me to write stories. I always wanted to write.
When we left Corsica, I implemented this talent by writing biographies.
Since then, I have also written a novel.

Which place would you recommend in Val de Garonne ?

Laura : Meilhan on Garonne with the panoramic view from the Tertre but also the "Camping in the garden "which offers rental of mountain bikes, canoes, wellness massages but also catering with live concerts. very nice outdoors.

Brigitte : For evening outings, I recommend the 180 in Sainte Bazeille because it is a really nice place with a trendy and varied programming.

Your most beautiful meeting in Val de Garonne ?
Laura : Michel Pradeau, who is a Republican journalist. He brought us a lot.
Brigitte : Every day, I make beautiful encounters.

If you had to associate the Val de Garonne with a season ?
Laura and Brigitte : Summer, because it’s the full season of fruits and vegetables.

What would be the gastronomic specialty to associate with the Val de Garonne ?
Laura : The tomato and the lamprey.
Brigitte : The tomato and the fruits.

Which would be the country to associate with the Val de Garonne ?
Brigitte : I have visited many countries but the Garonne Valley is unique.

What would be the tree to associate with the Val de Garonne ?
Laura : The weeping willow because it is a tree that seems peaceful.
Brigitte : The fruit trees in bloom as the peach is beautiful.

What would be the color to associate with the Val de Garonne ?
Laura and Brigitte : The green for the ubiquitous greenery in Val de Garonne.

What would be an animal to associate with the Val de Garonne ?
Laura : The deer
Brigitte : The deer

What would be the party to associate with the Val de Garonne ?
Laura and Brigitte : Garorock in Marmande

What would be a song to associate with the Val de Garonne ?
Laura and Brigitte : « Love life » A song from a reggae band from Lot et Garonne « So Unity »

What would be the picture of the Val de Garonne ?
Brigitte : The sunsets

If Val de Garonne was a utopia ?
Laura and Brigitte : That everyone can enjoy life and take the time to ask. With this project « Coffee shop », we wanted to create a place where we meet to share a moment and simply discuss, take the time to live.

What is your best vacation memory ?
Laura : My fondest holiday memory is when I saw my daughter’s eyes sparkle with happiness when I brought her to Disney Land Paris.
Brigitte : A beach in Thailand, Ko Tao, we went to see a person who had disappeared to pay tribute to him. The place was magical, I felt at the end of the world, soothed. I watched a sunrise whose clouds formed a dragon that spit fire ...

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