Meeting with Mireille Ducos

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Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Mireille Ducos, I just turned 50. I created the agency in 2005. We are a team of 3 (1 secretary, commercial and myself). I propose the transaction, management and real estate leasing deals for lying about around 30 km from Marmande. We offer old properties but also new villas for all small or big budgets. We also offer exceptional properties, although they are becoming rare and are more difficult to sell on the market today.
Furthermore, I am mother of two big girls now, which gives me time to pursue my career is my passion.

Why the Val de Garonne ?

I am from Cambes near Miramont and I became owner in Beaupuy 25 years ago. So it was for me quite natural to ride my agency Beaupuy. The hills are so enjoyable.

A place to recommend in Val de Garonne ?

The banks of the Canal with its Greenway but also walks that you can do on the slopes of Sainte Bazeille in Virazeil ! This hill offers stunning views and beautiful landscapes !

A good meeting ?

In my job, beautiful meetings were made with notaries. For it is the result of a sale, is for me a beautiful meeting between the estate agent, the buyer, the seller and the notary ... besides, I live with a notary ...

The Garonne Valley a season ?

Autumn as the colors of autumn will he.

If the Garonne Valley was a gourmet dish ?

Foie gras, duck breast, duck ...

If the Garonne Valley was a country ?

Spain because I think this country alive, move ! As the Garonne Valley.

If the Garonne Valley was a color ?

Red for its dynamism. It is a warm color.

If the Garonne Valley was an animal ?

A kitten because for me it evokes the birth and evolution.

If the Garonne Valley was a party ?

Feria in Spain or in Marmande Tomato Festival which resumes in all its forms.

If there was a picture to make the Garonne Valley ?

The Garonne Canal in autumn !

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