Meeting with Philippe Miozzo

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Can you introduce yourself ?
My name is Philippe Miozzo, I am a farmer in the municipality of Meilhan sur Garonne. I took over the farm, dairy and cereals, from my parents in 1996.
In 2006, I modified the activity to the beef cow, Bazadaise race for direct sale.
Produce, process and sell my products was my goal, so set in 2006. Then I planted fig and chestnut and I make oil cold pressed (rapeseed sunflower, hemp and hazelnut).
Why the Val de Garonne ?
I did not installed immediately, I went to see what was next... but I came back to my roots because the area is very nice, it has everything you need, you can find everything... And then it is not far from the sea, the mountains ... :-)
What place would you recommend in the Garonne Valley ?
The village of Couthures sur Garonne because it gives me a pretty village in the Val de Garonne. Along the Garonne with very hospitable people, willing to talk to you about Lady Garonne they love.
It would there be a beautiful meeting would you have done in the Garonne Valley ?
Customers, local or tourist. All customers are different and we always manage to share a good time. Direct selling allows me this special relationship with the customer.
Which season do you associate the territory ?
It’s hard for all seasons represent the Garonne Valley but still... I will say more in the spring, late spring early summer... This is the time of rebirth, all products reach all over again...
A Country he reminds you of the Garonne Valley ?
The Veneto region, the Po Valley in Italy, is an agricultural region also rich in production.
What a gourmet dish represent our destination ?
The coast to the bone Bazadaise ;-) friendly way it is eaten, the summer barbecue !
Which color you would associate the Garonne Valley ?
The green because the Val de Garonne is very green.
If there was a tree representing the territory, which would it be ?
The plane because it’s everywhere and that’s pretty majestic.
What party would be associated with the Val de Garonne ?
The Garorock course ! Now is unavoidable ... We still hope to be present with the Garonne- Farms... how ? It is not clear yet !
If the Garonne Valley was a Utopia ?
The Garonne Valley, the garden of France
If there was a picture to ? Which ?
That would be 2 pictures : The canal in the fog in autumn with yellow leaves of the plane trees and the sunset over Garonne.
The most beautiful holiday memory to tell me ?
My first skiing holiday in the Pyrenees !

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