Meeting with Sabine Franz

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Can you introduce yourself ?
I live on the hillsides of Marmandais, in the town of Saint-Avit in organic goat farming with processing on the farm. This is a second life for me (and for my husband who is also being installed). We have been on a Terre de Liens farm for just over 2 years. We have created this activity from all sides and also offer diversification products, which, for some, are just being put in place.
Ultimately, we will be able to offer dairy desserts made from goat’s milk, farmhouse cheeses, handmade goat’s milk soap, cured meats and cold meats (kids and outdoor pigs), educational workshops, etc.
I took my first steps in the heart of Les Fermes de Garonne in 2019. Our production is sold locally and locally. On our farm, which is on a human scale, the preservation of soil, biodiversity and respect for our animals are at the heart of our daily concerns.

Why did you choose Val de Garonne ?
I didn’t really choose it, it was rather an opportunity, that of finding the farm that suited our project.

Do you have a place to recommend in Val de Garonne ?
I have no particular place to recommend, just to appreciate beautiful things such as : stone dovecote, laundry, covered market, stone character house, walk along the canal and nature with everything it offers us.

Your best meeting in Val de Garonne ?
Ordinary people who believed in our project and without whom this adventure would not have been possible. Let me explain : Citizens who invested their savings so that this 1st Terre de Liens farm could see the light of day in Lot-et-Garonne (and suddenly, the 1st in Val de Garonne), and contributors when we launched a Mimosa collection to finalize our production tool. For the most part, people we don’t know or get to know as our farm evolves. Farmers too, who trusted us when we started without even knowing each other.

Associate the Val de Garonne with a season ?

Spring because we always rediscover something when nature is reborn.

If the Val de Garonne was a gastronomic dish ?

A dessert cream made with organic goat milk, of course ! Flavored with Agen prune, of course !

If the Val de Garonne was a country ?

France. I find it very representative : its heritage, its gastronomy, ...

The Val de Garonne in 1 color ?
Green, like meadows, forests, vines, ... nature, quite simply

If the Val de Garonne was a tree ?
A fruit tree because it is reborn when it leaves again, full of smells and sparkles with its flowers then full of gluttony and sweetness with these fruits

If the Val de Garonne was an animal ?
A Hoopoe because it is a bird that deserves to be observed at length

The Val de Garonne a celebration ?
Rather moments of conviviality like gourmet / night markets

Is there a photo to take of the territory ?
In all simplicity, a sunset on the hills

Your best holiday memory ?
I have two, very different but difficult to choose : Bruges, the Venice of the North (for its very romantic side, a great time with my husband) or the Lac du Der Chantecoq (To follow and observe the migrations of common cranes Thousands of birds which fly away at daybreak and others which arrive at sunset. A kind of serenity in search of observation, long silences, just for the pleasure of observing and discovering)

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