Meeting with Sandra Jofroit

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Can you introduce yourself ?

I am Sandra, I work as a marketing manager and wine tourism at the Cave du Marmandais for a little over 4 years now.
The Cave du Marmandais represents the vineyards of the Marmandais in a large enough territory, both on the side of Beaupuy and Cocumont, and even on the side of Monflanquin.
New projects have emerged : First, an escape game ! Astonishing you will tell me ? This is possible because behind the wine, there is all that is of the order of sensory, oenology and discovery by touch, smell and hearing. Centered on the sensory aspect, without tasting of wine (optional) adapted to the families. The aim of the game is to find the secret of the winemaker Helvire Horouge who has mysteriously disappeared. We opened this escape wine since June 4th by reservation.
And then always within the framework of the wine tourism actions, the visit in combi of the vineyards in Cocumont. An educational course to be done free of charge with a notebook to pick up at the offices of the cellar and finally we offer in Cocumont rental bicycles.

Why the Val de Garonne ?
I am Charentaise, I started working in wine in Bordeaux at the end of my studies in a large castle Pape Clement in Pessac Leognan then I worked at a wine merchant ... And in all honesty I was bored a little there. I saw a job offer in Marketing / Com without having the address in the ad and I arrived in Cocumont !
Initially, I thought to continue living in Bordeaux. In the end, I changed my mind. The distance but especially, I attached myself to the territory and I live in Cocumont.

A place to see in the Val de Garonne ?
The field of the donkey in Cocumont. It is the second highest point in Val de Garonne. We find a donkey but above all it is the famous mount Cocu which made the history of the village. There is a beautiful view of the surrounding vineyard, seen on the Chateau Terrebert is beautiful ... I love going for a walk.

Your most beautiful meeting in Val de Garonne ?
Meeting in the general sense, would be the Winegrowers. I already worked with winegrowers in Bordeaux but I had no link. Here we realize that we discuss, we share, there is much more proximity, human exchanges. The man is at the heart of the situation.

If Val de Garonne was a season ?

If the Garonne Valley was a flat ?

If the Garonne Valley was a color ?
The green

If the Val de Garonne was a party ?
Festivino of course ;-)

If the Garonne Valley was an animal ?
A genette

If the Val de Garonne was a utopia ?
The destination where we take the time where we will have no problem living here where we can count on each other and where we pass the heart before the pecuniary interests.

Your best vacation memory ?
Vietnam because here too the meeting with people has been strong and authentic.

And if there was a picture to make Val de Garonne, which ?
An aerial view from Couthures where we see the vineyards is hilly it is very pretty.

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