Meeting with Sandrine et Eric Ginhac

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Can you introduce yourself ?

We, my husband and myself, originally of the « Red Castle 47 » (guest rooms and auditorium). Based in Sainte-Bazeille with our little girl of 4 years from now 1 year and a half, we come to a big city (Paris). Our business is twofold : Breakfast first, then the theater the « 180 », for concerts, events, reception and artistic residence where we try to encourage songwriters and artists interpreters. We’re both from the trades of events, me on the communication part and my husband more on technique and artistic part. Heart of our business is left with the 180 B & Bs instead refer to our attitudes. We wanted through this enable meetings and promote the sharing of lives and experiences. And as we are big « consumers of culture », we focused on what it shows through in each room. Thus, they are themed : music, painting and literature in a sweet blend of authenticity and modernity.

Why the Val de Garonne ?

Two elements were decisive : our family and relational circle, Eric had family to Montauban, he had worked in the area. Thus, we already knew the great Southwest.Retour ligne automatique
The second element was simply that the area we liked because it is a dynamic culturally and gourmet. The philosophy of life hit us. Sainte-Bazeille, the Castle, corresponded exactly to our specifications and that we wanted to live with. Sainte-Bazeille is a small town very pleasant, vibrant and alive in every season. There is a balance of tourism that suits us perfectly. We received a very warm welcome and we feel there are well integrated.

A place to recommend in Val de Garonne ?

The cloister of Marmande, is a place that we found when we arrived and that attracted us because it combines authenticity and modernity ... a peaceful place in the city. For a family, we recommend instead the Garonne Canal for walking, biking ... We also encourage customers to travel the country by car and cross the vineyards in Cocumont eg in Elian Daros, discover the different landscapes that characterize the region. In summer we recommend the night markets including that of Meillhan sur Garonne. We appreciate this event because it is both joyful and authentic ! You eat good local products with ease, we share our table with people we do not know in a friendly atmosphere ! We were pleasantly surprised by the extent of local events and the enthusiasm of the local population for these festivals.

A good meeting ?

We were very well received everywhere ! We were careful to integrate our activity in what already existed, the idea was really to offer something extra. Beyond business, our passion for culture has led us to discover many local artists : Corinne Cotereau of Saint-Martin-Petit, painter, Daniel Boursin who is also a painter in Sainte-Bazeille and well more ...

Best holiday memory ?

We are regulars at L’Ile de Ré and above its Marsh, the culture of salt by salt makers at sunset, working hands, feet and patience. In the marshes, we discovered a site little visited by tourists, quiet with the beach 200m, a haven of peace.

Val de Garonne a season ?

Spring blossomed again for everything, everything awakens and then a personal point of view this is for us a festive time with the birthday of our daughter since she was born on the day of spring. This is a time when we have time to savor every thing to enjoy.

If the Garonne Valley was a gourmet dish ?

We also host table and I discovered in Marmande a tomato pie recipe on a bed of onions that I serve with a sorbet with foie gras to combine modernity and local product. Generally it surprises and it is appreciated.

If the Garonne Valley was a color ?

Red for us, most people think of the green, but for us it is really red. Moreover we called our house « Red Castle » 47 because we associate that color with tomato, strawberry, wine ... We were looking for a name easy to remember and which symbolized the land, territory ... Red causes things , emotion.

If the Garonne Valley was a tree ?

When we arrived here the first time thoroughly enjoyed this place and especially the cedars bordering the bridle path. They are centuries old, beautiful and majestic in all seasons ... There are plenty of squirrels that nest there making it a living tree ...

If the Garonne Valley was a party ?

Night Market Country producers in Meilhan sur Garonne. It includes food, music, friendliness and simplicity.

If there was a picture to make the Garonne Valley ?

The sparkling eyes of a person after a concert ! It is very colorful but found that music is good for the body and spirit.Retour ligne automatique
A second picture to be the village of Couthures sur Garonne, when we arrive and we see in the distance the village on the Garonne ! It’s still a bit wild, it seems to discover it, it seems to be out of time, a little offbeat. It has an almost magical vision !

If the Garonne Valley was a utopia ?
That every encounter mixes the land and culture which is a fabulous mix.

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