Meeting with Valérie et Christophe Hilaire

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Can you introduce yourself ?
The restaurant has been around since 1968, it’s been 50 years that we have family. My parents were from the Paris region, my father was a butcher at Fort des Halles and after a military career, he refocused on his core business and bought with my mother this establishment in Sainte Bazeille they renovated. After years of hard work, my wife and I returned to work in 1991. My wife was born in Marmande and I in Montfermeil near Paris but I arrived in Sainte Bazeille at the age of 1 year. I did a training of visual artist, but I was trained by my father to the profession of restoration. My wife, Valerie, learned on the job.
Why did you choose Val de Garonne ?
A choice of heart and common sense, it was necessary to help for the company to work and little by little I learned with my father.
Do you have a place to recommend in Val de Garonne ?
La Maison des Gens de Garonne in Couthures sur Garonne. We do not have a castle in Val de Garonne like Duras for example, but we have a very rich region ! We must open our eyes !
Your most beautiful meeting in Val de Garonne ?
Our loyal customers but more specifically a Tahitian who came for the birthday of her mother who is in retirement home in Sainte Bazeille. She contacted me by Facebook and I thought it was a joke ... She arrived with her necklaces of shells that she offered us. We sympathized well, it was a beautiful and rare encounter. Something sincere and warm happened with these people. The most satisfying for us was to see that we had participated, contributed to the happiness of their reunion.
Combine the Val de Garonne with a season ?
Spring because everything comes back !
If the Val de Garonne was a gourmet dish ?
A nice plate of vegetables with seasonal vegetables.
If the Val de Garonne was a country ?
Italy with its vineyards too and more specifically the Apulia region.
The Val de Garonne in one color ?
Green for vegetation.
If the Val de Garonne was a tree ?
A plane tree
If the Val de Garonne was an animal ?
The blonde of Aquitaine.
If Val de Garonne was a party ?
The strawberry fair at Sainte Bazeille.
If there was a picture to make of the territory ?
The fog on the Garonne with in the background the village of Couthures sur Garonne.
Your most beautiful holiday memory ?
Corsica for the simplicity and the beauty of the landscapes as well as the link which we created with a coffee maker and the quality of the reception.
If Val de Garonne was a utopia ?
That Garonne is less polluted and that fishing resumes.
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