Meet Fiona Manson

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Hello Fiona, can you introduce yourself ?
I’m Scottish, I live with my family Fourque-sur-Garonne, a few meters from Canal de Garonne. We came we moved to France in 2002 and we have the opportunity to change your life ! As we taste of sharing and conviviality, we quickly opened B & B. It is a pleasure to share with our guests for each meeting allows us to travel without actually leaving.

Why did you choose the Garonne Valley ?
We chose the Garonne Valley because the location is ideal, between the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees. The climate is mild and much less rainy in Scotland ! It’s good to live and we were very well received, especially by the villagers.

What place do you like to recommend to your friends or your guests ?
Canal Garonne because it still offers a different face depending on the season and time of day. I love to walk there and discover its many facets.

What was your best match ?
A family of Breton tourists coming this summer holidays with us ! We ate one evening together and we spent an unforgettable evening. My husband, John, began to sing, we got up and we danced. The father told us that it was at least 15 years he had not danced... It was a moment of happiness as we like.

What is your most memorable vacation ?
It was in 2010 when I went to Provence with my mother... We had a good laugh by dancing and singing on the Pont d’Avignon!

And if the Garonne Valley was a season ?
Undeniably the summer because it’s hot, there’s always something to do and because there are many celebrations !

And if the Garonne Valley was a flat, a specialty ?
A foie gras accompanied by a glass of sweet white wine.

And if the Garonne Valley was a Country
As qu’Ecossaise I say France of course! But I also think it looks to Spain for the friendly side !

And if there was a photo opportunity, it would be...?
A Meillan sur Garonne from the Mound! It is a magical place to make beautiful pictures with fallow flowery Garonne and Canal!