Rencontre avec Loïc Riva

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Can you introduce yourself ?
My name is Loïc Riva, I am 44 years old and I am of Italian origin. My grandparents arrived from Italy. Born in Marmande, I am the 2nd generation. I did a little of everything in Lot et Garonne ... Singing, theater, math teacher in high school (Terminal S) then teacher of schools in Lévignac. It was also exceptional to teach kindergarten students. Children without a priori with the desire to learn. I offered them participative and creative activities ... Always learn in order to discover something and implement it. The sensitivity also to the theater, the singing ... However, feeling a bit out of step with the system and having other projects, I preferred to stop ... I embarked on improv with the league improvisation marmandaise Theater, an experience that I would describe as exciting, stressful but unique. Currently I am self-entrepreneur math professor at home, in particular course, but I plan to stop because I intend to invest in my second job as a graphic designer.
I like drawing, graphic design, inventing, sharing and exchanging around these themes. If I am now one of the organizers of the comics festival in Fourques sur Garonne, I owe it to a duty of analysis of comics done during my courses of graphic design (option BD) and to the succession of happy encounters . This work remarked by the famous author Renaud Chavane, allowed me, after rewriting and various interviews of authors, to be published in a French magazine of study of the comic strip named « Bananas ». During the publication of the magazine, I learned of the existence of a comic book fair in Fourques sur Garonne, « the comic strip is in the meadow ». So I decided to participate to represent and sell the magazine Bananas for which I had just written ... I then offered my help for posting, communication and little by little, I became more involved and I Joined the kitculture association that organizes this festival. Being a graphic designer, I have used my knowledge for the festival and now I take care of all the graphic, editorial and since this year, invitations from the authors.
Besides if people want to volunteer in the association Kitculture they can contact me. We would need people with social networking skills, graphics ...
Here is my e-mail :
A place to recommend in Val de Garonne ?
I like the Canal. On the way to Meilhan, for example, there are very beautiful and gentle landscapes.
A beautiful meeting in Val de Garonne ?
I made many nice meetings but to name but one, I would say Eric Baissières who is now unfortunately no longer alive. He was an exceptional person. I knew him by the theater of Virazeil. It was a phenomenon of improvisation. He had become a friend, funny, honest and available ... He was also involved with young people in theater workshops.
If the Val de Garonne was a season ?
I prefer the Val de Garonne in autumn when the leaves of the trees change their colors, especially at the edge of the canal.
If the Val de Garonne was a dish ?
A good duck breast with fries !
If the Val de Garonne was a tree ?

A Sophora Japonica whose branches mix, regroup and make a trunk.
I find it magical with a beautiful bark.
If the Val de Garonne was a color ?
The golden yellow symbolizing the autumn season.
If the Val de Garonne was an animal ?
An animal : the margouillat, which attentive night owls can admire in the evening in the historic lanes of Marmande.
If the Val de Garonne was a utopia ?
May its towns and villages be animated evenings.
If there was a photo of the Val de Garonne ?
The bridge of Marmande when one is in Marmande and that one sees the bank facing the city, in autumn.
Your best holiday memories ?
We are so good in Val de Garonne that my best memories of holidays have happened here with Laurent Rochoy who is now a doctor in Marmande. He was on vacation in summer with his grandparents. We shared the same interests and chose to come to live in Marmande while he has experienced various destinations ...

The BD is in the meadow
February 11th and 12th in Fourques sur Garonne
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