Rencontre avec Thierry Le Marec

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Can you introduce yourself ?
Thierry Le Marec, my name says a little about my background ... Brittany ! I lived in different regions for different professional experiences always in the field of restoration, snack, coffee etc ... I worked in Haute Savoie then return to Britain and to finish my career in the Garonne Valley in Clairac.
Why the Val de Garonne ?
I was installed in Britain for 10 years and I wanted to renew my work. I answered a call for municipal tender for a public service concession for the operation and management of the camping and the beach restaurant Clairac. We are staying with my wife in March 2015 and therefore start our second season.
A place to recommend in Val de Garonne ?
I do not know much yet the Garonne Valley but I must admit, because I am golfer, the little free time I have, I do the golf courses of the Lot et Garonne : Barbaste, Marmande and Tombeboeuf course !
A beautiful meeting made the Garonne Valley ?
Across the City staff and the Mayor of Clairac who me feel very welcome, advised, guided ! It was my first encounter and beautiful encounter !
Your best vacation memory ?
The first time I went to Asia, there are now many years ! I appreciated their completely different culture. It was in Thailand, I returned several times and I even met my wife ! Thailand will remain for me an unforgettable experience for its atmosphere and beautiful scenery.
If the Garonne Valley was a season ?
Summer ! It’s great by summer ! This is the South ! This is not the French Riviera but still ! In winter I find it sad ...
If the Garonne Valley was a gourmet dish ?
A fruit pie. Strawberries or plums that truly reflect the region !
If the Garonne Valley was a country ?
This is only the Val de Garonne I see no similarity with another country ...
If the Garonne Valley was a utopia ?
That all communities and political agree to carry out joint tourism projects without hatred or little debate that does not serve much ...
If the Garonne Valley was a tree ?
This would be a solid shaft to house mushrooms ... The umbrella pine because it overshadows too ! And for me, camping is ideal.
If the Garonne Valley was a color ?
One would initially mean the color green for its atmosphere ! But yellow is also beautiful with fields of wheat, tobacco and sunflower ... but my color is blue for the sky and water as the Garonne Valley in good weather ! Then the Garonne Valley is colorful !
If the Garonne Valley was an animal ?
On the Lot is the catfish ! There are many fishermen and sometimes come out huge pieces of 1.80m to 2m. Awesome !
If the Garonne Valley was a party ?
The strawberry festival ! The fraisiades in May is fun ! It starts the season and the cutter is still a specialty of the destination !
If there was a picture to make the Garonne Valley ?
A photo of the banks of the Lot, on the edge of the water, with a boat that passes and a nice bridge in the background.